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HOW Logo Competition – The judging begins

After pouring through over 600+ entries, I finally picked my top 10, and the reader voting began. It was in no way a piece of cake, and here’s an article detailing my difficulties… along with some tips and tricks for those looking to develop logos in the future.

10 Logo Design Competition tips from the judge

And here’s the final 10. Vote now! (voting ends Oct 7! so tomorrow basically… yikes!)
Top 10 Logos – Readers Choice

HOW Interview

I need to be a bit more diligent about updating this site, and I’m starting now! Back in July I was interviewed by HOW regarding logos. I had signed up as their annual Logo Competition judge, so I wanted to let readers know why I was qualified – and impart some wisdom along the way. Thanks to Amanda Aszman for making me come off as smarter than I am!

Read the full interview here: Interview: Dave Gouveia on great logo design

Internet Trolling Treasures


I always find it cool to do random searches on Google for Creative Stuff. I never know what I’ll find and my hope is a review (good or bad). Today not only did I find a new review, I also got a copy in the mail of Creative Stuff – translated into Chinese! Remarkable. It’s a softcover version and the cover is 100% different, but still.. the insides are pretty intact, and it’s interesting to see the entire thing converted into another language.

Here’s the latest review – small, but still worthy – courtesy of Ed Robert’s Blog:
Hungry for Creative Inspiration


75th Anniversary CCS posters on video

CCS posters

I received an email from a friend recently who informed me that the posters I designed for the Canadian Cancer Society’s 75th Anniversary were hanging up on the walls of the National Office and were featured in a recent video promoting the 75th Anniversary. Have a look a the video by clicking here.

Latest review of Creative Stuff from DesignEdge Canada Magazine

I just got an email this morning that Creative Stuff has a new review up on DesignEdge Canada’s website. Overall reception was positive, with the reviewer actually having been inspired by the book on a project. Mission accomplished! You can read the review by clicking here.

Piquing my interest.

I did it. I joined the masses. Well, the current, trending masses. I joined Pinterest to see what all the fuss was about. I really haven’t gone deep into it, but at first glance, it really does seem like a good place for inspiration. I’ve been able to find some excellent examples of colour palettes as well as typography samples and infographics that are truly inspiring. This could be something… time will tell.

Visit my page. I can’t say how packed it will be given that I’m a newbie, but maybe there’s a few morsels there.

My online interview – do I look fat?

I was recently interviewed online by the super talented Trudy Murphy for her Spreecast channel, Entrepreneurs Corner. You can watch the archived video online here. I wax poetic about all things creative, including the book Creative Stuff.

Stefan Mumaw. He liked it!

Our good friend (but don’t let that make it seem biased) and fellow author, the super creative Stefan Mumaw, had nothing but nice things to say about Creative Stuff:

True creative growth can not happen without two essential ingredients: inspiration and action. As creatives, we crave inspiration, the varied input that helps form the core of the novelty within the solutions to the problems we are asked to solve everyday. In order to move from heart to hand, we need to act on that inspiration. Action is the fuel that takes the germ of an idea and moves it to the prototyping phase. Without action, ideas are just theories. We’re in the business of creating not just theorizing so action is an essential step in growing creatively.
“Creative Stuff” provides both inspiration and action, and it provides them in serious, mind-crankin’, “turn it to 11” overdrive. The book propels the creative mind from page to page, offering a collection of thoughts, quotes, inspirations, games, exercises, activities, lessons and truths. Regardless of your title or field, ideas are the currency that we exchange and this book is the bank. If you value creative growth, if you want the quality and quantity of your ideas to increase, if you want to flex and strengthen your creative muscle, this book is your very own personal trainer. And this trainer is sexy as all giddyup.
That’s good stuff. Thanks Stefan. You rock.
Check out Stefan’s book Chasing the Monster Idea – one of his many titles. You won’t regret it!

Bryn Mooth interviews two dudes.

Former HOW Editor and current Blogger and freelance writer Bryn Mooth interviewed Chris and I for a series on HOW Conference speakers. She posted it online, and you can read it here and be amazed.

By the way, you should really check out her blog too, it makes me hungry:

Creative Stuff the book… it’s available now!

After two long years, it has come to fruition! Creative Stuff is now available at a variety of online retailers, including Amazon and Indigo.

Make sure to visit the official website for a full list of where you can purchase this visual publication marvel! is online now!